Worship at Peace is a celebrated gathering. It is difficult to use a single label such as “formal” or “informal” to describe it, but here are some helpful ideas and images:

  • some people come in Packer jerseys and jeans, others in their “Sunday best”
  • there are children, teens, young parents with infants and toddlers, “empty nesters,” and the retired
  • we sing both ancient and modern hymns as well as contemporary songs
  • we value a worship service that enables active participation and not just passive consumption. So there is more than just preaching and singing: there are “call and response” readings, sharing our prayers and concerns with each other, as well as prayers we lift up collectively.
  • one Sunday, there’s a full adult choir singing, the next Sunday a children’s choir
  • at the 8am service, when there are no children present Pastor Eric gives a “Children’s Sermon” to the adults–and they participate and love it!
  • one Sunday there’s an organ, the next Sunday there’s guitar, bass, piano, and percussion
  • Pastor Eric leads worship in a black robe, but sometimes he gets dressed up and gives his sermon “in character”
  • One week, a woman in her 60’s will help lead worship, another week it’ll be a man in his 20’s, and another week it’s teenagers from a confirmation class

This list isn’t exhaustive but rather suggestive of our worshiping life together. Know that no matter who you are, what your background is, what kinds of doubts, questions, or concerns you have, or what your current situation is–you are welcome at Peace church. We’d love to meet you and welcome you to worship with us!